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Breathtaking Beadzz
Breathtakingly Beautiful Polymer Clay Beads at Affordable Prices
Beads and Jewelry Creations
I have been designing jewelry since 2001, and have been making polymer clay beads since 2007.

My bead design includes flowers and some might include butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, dragonflies, or ladybugs.
Occasionally, I get a request to see some with just flowers. I'm continually listing new beads on my website, in my
shop (BreathtakingBeadzz), and occasionally in my
eBay store (BreathtakingBeadzz). I have been on eBay since 1998
and Etsy since 2008.

Each bead is hand-crafted, sanded and glazed for a nice glossy shine. As you can see from photos of my
beads, there
are no excess translucent outlines on my beads, which makes the pattern impeccably vivid.

Please read the
Policies page for additional information.
Published Author
I'm also a published author of two fiction novels. The first published novel is Crossing Burning Bridges, on sale now, a
Women's Fiction.
Crossing Burning Bridges is both unique and inspirational, and there are many eye-opening
unexpected events along the way which keeps the story captivating, enchantingly romantic and adventuresome.

The second novel to my credit is
Snakes in Paha Sapa, on sale now, a Historical Fiction. Snakes in Paha Sapa is a
story surrounding the Lakota's fight for land rights.
Snakes in Paha Sapa leads the viewer through endless adventure,
a multitude of action, sprinkled with historic elements, and a bit of humor that spans through the mid-1800s.

I have also written the screenplay to
Snakes in Paha Sapa, which includes a two-hour version and a three-hour epic
version. My writings also include a short film and a mini-series.

Fiction Novels to read more about each of these stories.
From the author: When I read a book or view a film or see a performance, one of three things must happen for me in
order to find it successful. I call it my "3 Es." I either have to be Entertained... I have to be Emotionally stimulated... or I
have to be Educated in some way. (My preference is accented on the latter.)
Snakes in Paha Sapa has ALL 3.

Did you know... that a director friend of mine calls me
Mel (short for my middle name), and that is why she writes her
screenplays under the pseudonym, Mel Styles?

Did you know... that I named one of the dogs in this book after another of my real life dogs? Her name is Killer, and is
in the photo to the left (with Sherlock the cat
hamming into the photo). Clearly, Killer is not of the same physical
description as in the novel, however, she is just as feisty.

The main female character in this novel owns and runs a ranch in Wyoming. Click on              to see a diagram of what
the ranchhouse floor layout might look like. The top square is the second level and the bottom square is the first level.
To enlarge to full-size, click on the expand button at the lower right-hand corner after clicking the "ranch" button.

Did you know... it is rumored that the word
Sioux (shortened from Nadouessioux) was translated from a French
adaption of this Ojibwa (Chippewa) word in their language? The word means
snake. Since the two tribes were
enemies, it is not hard to understand that the Lakota people preferred the word
Lakota instead, meaning allies. Snake
in the Lakota Language is
Zuzeca, and clearly a very important word in this story. So one could say that the title reads
Zuzeca el Paha Sapa
. Of course, in this novel, the Blue Coats are the snakes.

Click on             and see a list of some other words in the Lakota language.

Did you know... I am from an Algonquin descent? My great, great, great, great-grandmother inhabited the Ottawa
River valley of Quebec and Ontario area, and was a member of an Ojibwa tribe.
What does the title (Crossing Burning Bridges) refer to?
Greetings everyone, and thank you for reading and visiting this website. I think the most common inquiry is about
the title and the meaning behind why I chose it. The title
Crossing Burning Bridges is about the many facets of
making choices. It's about standing on a bridge and deciding which way to go... back the way you came - from
what was most comfortable, or forward toward something new and the gamble to make your life better than from
where you began. It's about standing on a burning bridge, and deciding which way to run. Yes, run! It’s more than
about just making the initial choice to change your life or remain stagnate in it to never experience something
wonderful - but it's also about living with the consequences of that choice while running to embrace it. Throwing
yourself 100% into your choice. It's about the agony of being "in the middle," "on the fence," and not being able to
get on with your life because you can't decide whether to go forward or back. I believe not being able to make a
decision is much harder than making one, no matter which way you decide to go. Then after you've made that
decision, you should embrace it and live by the ways of that choice as if it was the only choice. The decision
making is amplified with the fire burning brighter with each tragedy of the main character's life, and forces her
decisions to become expedited before it devours her chances to make a choice as it could be made for her.

Can you tell me about your heroine and the creation of your other characters?
Most every character that I have invented came from a personality of someone that I've known in my life but not
necessarily of the same relationship or even the same gender as these characters. However, her grandfather was
very much like my beloved grandfather (my mother's father) and of course, for Foxy Lady. For the rest of them, I
just thought of what kind of character that I wanted them to be and recalled who in my life they would most likely
resemble. Everyone in the story has their fair share of idiosyncrasies, even the heroine of the story, Jordan Walsh.
I wanted her to grow strong from her adversities but still vulnerable to be likeable. The personalities of her parents
were created to help her to become stronger and to be able to cope with what life may cast upon her. Stick with
what you know or rather
who, was my goal for my first novel in order to make them easier to visualize.

What would be your advice to new writers?
Don't be detoured if you are turned away from publishers, in fact, expect it. There are 100-200 books published
everyday in the U.S. and the competition is fierce. Persevere - don't take no for an answer. You may have to move
on to another publishing company, but don't give up. Writing the novel is the easy part. There is also the option of
self-publishing, as many people are now choosing, but expect to pay a hefty amount.

What do you do when you're not writing?
That alone keeps me quite busy, but I also have a "day job" and have been a Flight Attendant for over sixteen
years. I reside near L.A. with my two dogs (with one being the dog on the back cover) and one cat. I like spending
time with my family and friends even if it's only an occasional hour-long telephone call. I have done sports
photograph (mostly tennis and basketball) which has taken me to
Wimbledon, Queen's Club in London and the
Meadowlands in New Jersey, to name a few, and develop my own photos in my darkroom. I was a day-trader
mostly during the mid to the end of the 1990s when the dot coms were hot. I was a theatre major in college and still
enjoy performing occasionally. Mondays are my favorite day of the week . . . write and ask me why.

Why did you choose monkeys for the big practical joke?
It was originally suppose to be elephants. Elephants are my favorite animal because I had a stuffed one as a child
(instead of the typical teddy bear). I had begun the outline for the book early in 2003 including the stuffed
elephants but set it aside until January of 2004 to work on another project. The
2003 Big Brother aired in July of
that year spoofing "The Elephant Murders." So there went that idea... and that's when the
Monkey Murders were




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